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MAGNUSSEN Audio G9 Speakers

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SKU SB20000604
Color: Black
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- RMS 5WX2
- Training unit: 3 inch x 2
- Frequency: 300Hz -20KHz
- Separation > 36 dB
- Input sensitivity: 700mv ± 50mv
- Signal to noise ratio: 43db
- Power input: USB DC5V
- Cable length: 1.6 m
- Product size: 90 x 90.5 x 185 mm
- Function: AUX IN, volume control

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In the Box

- Magnussen G9 speakers
- Micro-USB cable
- Audio cable
- User manual


Welcome to the world of Magnussen, where our European audio expertise aims to bring the magic of high-definition stereo sound to everyone. We are driven by inspiration, curiosity, and an unwavering passion to make the unmistakable Magnussen sound accessible to all. Music has the incredible power to transport us to far-off places, stir our deepest emotions, and immerse us in a world of sensations. It's a universal language, and it's unjust for only a select few to experience the sheer pleasure of high-fidelity audio. At Magnussen, we are dedicated to being there for all those who share our passion for crystal-clear, precise sound. Our extensive lineup of headphones, earbuds, and speakers boasts unparalleled quality and exquisite design. At Magnussen, we have made it our mission to democratize high-definition stereo sound, ensuring everyone can revel in its splendor. Join us on this sonic journey as we revolutionize how you experience sound. Magnussen: Where Sound is Reborn!

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MAGNUSSEN Audio G9 Features

- Speaker: Plunge into a spectacular soundstage with high-fidelity, spatial audio for an unrivaled experience that brings your gaming and entertainment to life.
- Magnussen gaming speaker: With optimized drivers for full-range sound and extreme clarity, the Magnussen gaming speaker elevates your audio to a whole new dimension.
- Espacial audio: Heighten your in-game awareness and let no enemy escape your ears with an advanced 7.1 surround sound tuned for pinpoint positional accuracy. Includes surround sound calibration and EQ customization for greater audio control.
- Optimal surround mix: By integrating Magnussen gaming Audio with the latest games, we can help you achieve the optimal surround mix for supported titles, thanks to specially tuned profiles that complement each game’s sound design.

Immersive Soundstage: Plunge into a spectacular soundstage with high-fidelity spatial audio, bringing gaming and entertainment to life with an unrivaled experience.

Elevated Audio: The Magnussen gaming speaker boasts optimized drivers for full-range sound and extreme clarity, taking your audio to a new dimension of excellence.

Precision Surround Sound: Experience heightened in-game awareness with advanced 7.1 surround sound tuned for pinpoint positional accuracy. Enjoy features like surround sound calibration and EQ customization for ultimate audio control.

Game-Optimized Profiles: Integrated with the latest games, Magnussen gaming Audio ensures optimal surround mixes through specially tuned profiles that enhance each title's sound design.

Technical Excellence: Equipped with 5Wx2 RMS power, 3-inchx2 drive units, and a frequency range of 300Hz-20KHz, the G9 offers superb separation (>36dB), precise input sensitivity, and a SNR of ≥43dB. Powered via USB DC5V, it includes AUX IN, volume control, and measures 90x90.5x185mm, connected by a 1.6m cable.

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