Ocean Sunglasses Security Leash Necklace Neoprene Floating Retainer

SKU 7781

  • SECURE FIT: The stretchy neoprene holds the glasses in times of extreme sports. Never lose a pair of sunglasses again in the water. The Ocean Sunglasses Security Neoprene Leash will secure your strap to keep the sunglasses on your face. It is inexpensive insurance for your expensive sunglasses.
  • MATERIAL: Made of soft and premium neoprene, the necklace is comfy and resistant. The neoprene provides a greater sense of comfort and is specially designed to be permanently in contact with water. Eyeglass strap not included.
  • DURABLE: Our necklace retainer has been battle tested in various locations like the oceans, lakes, and rivers. The Ocean Security Neoprene Leash can withstand all the elements, built to last and will not fade or fall apart.
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