BLUEBALL MEN Running Tshirt Long Sleeve Black And Gray (Compression Tshirt)

SKU BB100009TM
  • Department: MEN
  • Brand: BLUEBALL
  • Composition: 65% Polyester; 26.6% Nylon; 8.4% Elastane
  • Details: The T-shirt for Triathlon and Trail, light compression Oxygen 1, is designed to be used in long journeys and prolonged efforts over time. Its main feature is the ability to maintain the body temperature of the athlete, optimal and constant 37ºc -99ºF regardless of atmospheric conditions thanks to its 3D Ventilation design concept.

When the muscles are exercised the 3D Ventilation channels expand, opening and causing the air to circulate through them, cooling the body and extracting the sweat to the outside. This process is especially important in the athlete's armpits, chest and back, keeping the temperature of his body constant and optimal. This body cooling thanks to 3D Ventilation translates into an increase in physical performance close to 7%.

Through technology, alignment Postural Compression, we increase the compression in ​​the athlete's hip. The over-compression increases and improves the balance of the body of the athlete in balancing situations, favoring the proper position of the body and the alignment of the shoulders in physical activity. The Light Compress Zone concept reduces the vibrations produced by movement during physical activity and absorbs shock.

The garment incorporates 6 pockets, 5 of which are ventilated and breathable mesh around the waist, to carry gel, sticks, etc. The sixth pocket is closed by a security zipper to carry items such as, mobile, keys, money. They incorporate a silicone band at the waist that ensures the perfect fit of the garment to the body of the athlete. The front zip offers freedom of movement and improves breathing during great efforts. Its self-locking system prevents chafing and keeps the zipper in place.

Elastic neck that maximizes protection and prevents chafing. The sleeves are designed with extremely soft and comfortable fiber that allows maximum freedom of movement.